Top New HD 1GB Games For Android 2018


WWE IMMORTALS, it is best gaming application available on the Android smartphone which has the high definition of the gaming with size around the 1.75 GB it was developed by the Warner Bros who established in California United States of America it has more than the 5 million downloads on the Google Play Store for the Android smartphone users are the devices at minimum required the Android version of 4.0 and therefore it has some of the inner product switch cost around Rupees 124.44- 6500. For per items in the latest update of this application the developer have fixed and issue with disability awards now the player can receive the freezer belated once they open the game for playing their add new characters are added by the by crazy styles and the viper dojo Randy Orton the user can get ready for sharing with Zombie invasion and they can even on the Zombie Origins of AJ styles Brock Lesnar Seth rollins and this town chords Dev in the new Zombie mode available on this game this user can even on the platinum was in the ladder match for a Chance At a new Platinum character it has been rated like 4.3 out of the 500 + 2 by the user to user love this game as they have reviewed about this this game is basically the the users favourite the user can play this WWE superstars as they can choose any of their favourite and they can play in the roaring and there is unnatural Supernatural world of WWE Immortals the user of the welding power can use for demolishing the opponents for the star space come back from makers the injustice and the Mortal Kombat they can even supercharge there roster for the great mind blowing moves of the player and they can gear up to the sport cards they can even bring the pain like for broking the bones in the battle for winning the WWE fights. The user can fight with touch screen off the mobile devices for the great mind blowing battle with their opponents like they can even play the 313 combat they can swipe and press for performing and building the combos of the natural powers for pulling of The Attacks which are kind of special and they can even use any of their superstar customise super powers. Beginner level have taken the user can even multiplayer play this game multiplayer online they can have the message roster and this game has the amazing graphic which made it more size and more special for the user user get addicted to this game and all the time you can watch them going with name.


IMPLOSION, It is one of the best action games available on the Android smartphone devices with the high quality of the big size of 1.43 GB on the Google Play Store it was basically developed by the Rayark International Limited. It has in app products which cost around ₹650 for the per item and it has more than 5 million downloads on the Google Play Store it requires the minimum Android version of 4.0 and above in the latest update of this application. The developers have fix the compatibility of the recent or the latest version of the Android it has been reviewed by 4.4 out of the five on the Google Play Store. Whistle for bringing the a great console gaming experience for the Android smartphone users it has some of the great features like it has stunning quality of the graphics and first class voice acting Hollywood great audio production it has the full score of the match truthfully which is mixed by the Grammy award winner The Lord Of Rings John calendar there is an play Mission for the FUTURE like 121 or 1 to 6 and the user can even unlock all the levels for one time IAP.